You + Us

Have a spot that you would like us to be at (anything from a brewery/distillery, restaurant, to ?) Reach out to us because we’re open to all potential opportunities.

our preferred accommodations:


  • We are able to work 98% independent of your venue because all of our product is produced in a commercial commissary (the 2% is listed below as optional).


  • EDIT (AS OF 10/11/19): we are primarily doing a minimum of 3-day pop-ups with preference for longer-term pop-ups (2 weeks).


  • We typically have anywhere from 1 to upwards of 4-6 people on staff.
  • We are insured and permitted (business license to food safety/ServSafe certified) for events in Denver county.
  • We are a fully equipped kitchen with our own containers, steam pans, meat slicers, and sous-vide and pasta cookers.


  • Room to set-up our 10×10 canopy – and any additional space would be very much appreciated.
  • Space for our 15′ flag.
  • Allowance for the use of either one burner and our electric based equipment which requires a 208/240V (6-20p plug) or two 55,000 BTU propane burners.


  • Potable water
  • Temporary refrigeration space (cases of noodles to additional soup stock).
  • Ice (used for our coolers).
  • Power (we can go either full propane or elec/propane).
  • WIFI (Words With Friends can’t wait).

We unfortunately sold out in a less than an hour (over 160+ servings), but it resulted in one of Prost’s busiest Wednesdays.

Nagoya style mazemen (soupless ramen)

We collaborated with pushing a joint menu of our mazemen and Kobe An’s matcha soft-serve and in-house umehsu.